iArduino Code Download

iArduino Firmware Download:


You can download iArduino Code from Github. 

Refer to following table to know proper version of Firmware for your setup.

1. iArduino Lite Version + WIFI Router.

2. iArduino Lite Version + RN-XV Wifly Module.

3. iArduino Full Version + WIFI Router.

4. iArduino Full Version + RN-XV Wifly Module.

GitHub Repository:

**Just follow the link and click Download Zip button on lower right corner.




  1. hi, will be added to the application iarduino also able to rename pin? It would be fantastic

  2. Hi Jirka,
    In next version release of iArduino it will come with lots of configurable stuff to make it more interesting.
    Stay subscribed to hear more.